Chateau Dufan is a wonderful place, a concentrate of delicacies appreciated by many people who every time want to see and taste the wonderful taste combinations studied to perfection! Here you will find the famous liquid nitrogen ice cream, a magic sphere that will make you live a dream! But do we want to talk about the delicious and particular egg-based waffle? A soft and warm waffle wrapped in a cone shape with a delicious Italian artisan ice cream inside that will confuse your senses! If you really want to refresh yourself, try their granita! The fresh and regenerating taste will make you fall in love with summer! But that's not all, here you can also enjoy a delicious lunch. Simple and colorful insalta ingredients, or special dishes like the Poké. How can you not spend tea time here at Chateau Dufan? Authentic Taiwanese milk tea will give you a different experience than any other place. Even if there is a queue, don't be discouraged, be patient because it will be worth it! The innovative dinner at Chateau Dufan will make you fall in love with China and its flavors.

Aren't you curious to know how it all started? In 2003, the founder of Chateau Dufan, Zhangfan, passionate about cooking, opened a small ice cream shop. Thanks to his efforts and to his rigorous commitment, the ice cream shop has grown more and more, then expanding into a coffee with the addition of exquisite sweets. In 2015, with the milk tea boom in China, Zhang Fan decided to take advantage of this opportunity. He carefully studied the process of making tea with milk inside Chateau Dufan. The facts showed that the decision was the right one. Despite the great success, Zhang Fan has never stopped studying and progressing.

In 2017, Chateau Dufan completed the project by adding the restaurant as well. The Chinese cuisine of this restaurant combines tradition and modernity, creating sophisticated and noteworthy Chinese dishes. It is the perfect interpretation of high quality, craftsmanship and innovation! If you come to Milan, you have to come here to taste these unique delicacies, so that your journey can end perfectly!