Innovation and change are constantly happening in Murano. Murano Gallery LUAB 4.0 is a 1000 m2 minimalistic and creative space dedicated to research and experimentation on glass. A new concept of an art gallery, where artists and designers from all over the world can come to experiment and create projects with Murano quality glass. It includes but is not limited to exhibition halls, meeting and conference rooms, a modern kitchen, a beautiful garden, the longest private pier in Murano and a guest house. LUAB 4.0 features the great glass master Maestro Fabio Fornasier, renowned for his LU Chandeliers. 




  • Contemporary Murano Art!

    August 2018

    A contemporary space of high quality, modern Murano glass masterpieces. Fabio Fornasier's modern take of the Venetian chandeliers shows true innovation of design!