The name Max Mara was born as a union between the superlative max and the abbreviation of Achille Maramotti, the founder, a local businessman from Reggio Emilia, whose clothes have always been fashionable. The first Max Mara collection combines French and Italian styles with clean lines and tailoring. Since then, other series have been successfully launched. At the end of the 60s, once again Achille Maramotti was inspired by London fashion design, adding new elements to create the Sportmax brand, a sports and leisure series. The Sportmax collection is designed for every woman who loves dressing and wants to become a fashion icon.

The Max Mara brand follows every need of women's clothing, tastes are improved, the design of each seasonal series is constantly evolving to meet the increasingly complex needs of customers. Nowadays Max Mara has created a series of fashion collections, each with a unique image, and the number of people who like it is increasing.